Tips On Submitting Your Photography To Publications

Getting your images featured in publications adds a ton of value to your portfolio. A lot of people find it very difficult to get their pictures published. However, it is not a very challenging task. We have made a list of tips that can help increase your chances of having your photos viewed and published. So, take a note of all the points to feature your photos in publications.

1. Polish the images – If you want to get your pictures published and share it with the world, it is essential that you make the pictures look impressive. Often you cannot submit the pictures raw, and as they were taken because the photos need polishing. Editing can add a lot of value to your photos while also maintaining the integrity of the photos.


2. Know the publication – A lot of photographers simply submit their work to publications without even finding out what the publication is all about. When photographers do this, it becomes apparent to publications that you the submissions are not based on proper research. This definitely becomes an issue for the publications as no publications house would want to publish a work that has not been worked on with full commitment.

3. Identify the style of photography being published – One good way to know about a publications house is by going through their earlier releases and learn about the form of photographs that they work with. This will help you know if your style of photography and subjects match the needs and interests of a publication house. For instance, you can look for common themes such as fashion photography, monochromes, animal photography etc. This saves you your valuable time as well as effort.

4. Know the submission specifications – All publication houses that accept submissions have a section devoted to telling you the specifications. Before you go ahead and send in your work, make sure to go through the list and adhere to all the guidelines mentioned. Specifications can be in terms of the number of photos you can submit, the dimension of the photos, the resolution etc. Each publication house has different guidelines, so make sure you check the preferences of each publication.


5. Address the correct person – Usually, the guidelines also tell you who the submissions should be addressed to. However, if nothing is mentioned, you can add a ‘Respected team’, and it will do the trick. When the name is mentioned, on the other hand, ensure that you address your submission to them. Failing to do so shows that you have not taken any effort to know about the publication house or even read the submission specifications.

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